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Collecting Samples

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Why do I need to freeze the samples?

Freezing the samples helps with sample stability. As each sample is collected, they need to put in the freezer immediately. ...

Do my samples or any of the components in the kit expire?

The urine tube is the only item in your collection kit that can expire. It has a shelf life of...

There appears to be condensation or a small white cotton ball in the urine tube. Is that okay?

Yes, that is the stabilizer that is in the urine tube. You may see it or it my appear as...

Can I exercise during the day that I collect my samples?

To get the most accurate results, we recommend that you avoid any cardiovascular or strenuous exercise for the day.

Can I have caffeine before I collect my samples?

You should not have caffeine before you collect the urine sample. You may have caffeine before you collect your saliva...