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Cardiogram’s mission is to shift healthcare from reactive to preventive, starting with the most ubiquitous health sensor available today—optical heart rate. Every modern wearable, from the latest Apple Watch to a $29 Xiaomi, ships with a heart rate sensor.

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There's a surprising amount of signal locked within the humble heart rate sensor.

Your heart rate changes from minute to minute, and it reflects everything that happens in your life—from daily activities like sleep, stress, and exercise, to serious medical conditions like sleep apnea, hypertension, diabetes, and atrial fibrillation which affect more than a billion people globally.

To unlock that signal, we need your help.

We’re building an interdisciplinary team with expertise in design, engineering, medicine, and healthcare commercialization. Here's our approach and some challenges we face.


Unlike historical approaches to AI in medicine, we're not simply building an isolated algorithm and hoping for the best. We have a direct relationship to our users through the Cardiogram app, which means we're empowered to design end-to-end workflows to guide our users through diagnosis and treatment. We care just as much about great design and stellar frontend engineering as the latest deep learning algorithm.
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Putting AI in Medicine, in Practice

No wrist left behind

The future of medicine doesn't belong to users of one platform, it belongs to all of us. Today Cardiogram works with Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, and WearOS by Google. Behind the scenes, that requires bridging different, sometimes incompatible developer ecosystems. Like a modern-day Charon, you will ferry countless souls between worlds.
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Cardiogram 3.0 is now cross-platform

One of the largest medical data sets in history

Much of what we know about heart health comes from a 5,209-person study started in 1948. Times have changed. Cardiogram serves more than 1 million users, who generate 171,076,238 HTTP requests per day and a terabyte of data each month—one of the largest medical data sets in history. If you're an engineer who wants to build large-scale infrastructure to improve human health, please get in touch... fast!

Winning together

Since changing healthcare is a long road, we celebrate small wins by churning home-made ice cream, hosting a BBQ, or just eating some chicken nuggets. Yes, even though we're a health company, we still can't get enough McD's.

Experienced team backed by world-class investors

Cardiogram was founded by a tech lead of Google Voice Assistant and a member of Obama's rescue team. We're backed by top investors with deep expertise in both healthcare and consumer internet:
Elad Gil, PhD
Co-Founder, Color Genomics
Halle Tecco
Founder, Rock Health
Kevin Scott
Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft
Satya Patel
VP Product, Twitter
Hunter Walk
Director of Product, YouTube

Open Roles

Do you have expertise in any of the below areas? If so, we'd love to hear from you. Click on each role below to learn more.
Senior Frontend Engineer

Build the core product in Javascript, HTML, CSS, Swift, and Java.

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Director of Sales

Strike partnerships with payers, providers, and other healthcare organizations.

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Sales Development & Marketing Representative

First point of contact for payers, providers, and other healthcare organizations.

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