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How can I set up Heart Rate Alerts?

What are heart rate alerts?

With Cardiogram’s heart rate alerts, you can configure Cardiogram to send a notification to your phone when your heart rate goes above or below your specified threshold.

Heart rate notifications will only be sent if the data sent to Cardiogram is recent (within the last 3 hours). If you have a Fitbit or Garmin watch, Cardiogram will only receive the data after your watch is synced with the Fitbit or Garmin apps. Please see this article for more information on how to collect heart rate readings more frequently. 

To avoid sending notifications when your watch is lying on the table or is collecting readings infrequently, a notification will only be sent if Cardiogram receives at least two consecutive heart rate readings above or below the heart rate threshold you set.

If you do not receive any notifications, please see the I’m not receiving any notifications section below.

Enabling heart rate alerts

From your main Timeline page, click the drop-down bar in the top-left corner. Under Settings, press “General.”

Under the “Heart Rate Alert” section, you can select a minimum and a maximum heart rate below or above which you want to be notified. Toggle the alert on.

If this still doesn’t work, you can verify push notifications are turned on for Cardiogram in your phone settings.

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your phone
  2. Scroll down to find “Cardiogram” in the app list.
  3. Within “Cardiogram”, tap “Notifications”.
  4. Make sure ‘Allow Notifications’ (Apple) / ‘Show Notifications’ (Android) is turned on.

Once you enable push notifications for Cardiogram, you should start receiving heart rate alerts.

If you re-install Cardiogram or change to a new phone, you will need to re-enable push notifications.

My heart rate notifications are delayed

For WearOS watches, data is synced either from your phone or from your watch every hour, which means that alerts may be delayed by up to an hour.

I’m not receiving any heart rate notifications

You may not be receiving any notifications for the following reasons:

You have reinstalled the app or changed your phone: please re-enable push notifications (see: Enabling heart rate alerts section above).

Not enough heart rate readings to trigger an alert. Please see this article for more informationHow do I make Cardiogram collect data more frequently?

Heart rate data is not synced to Cardiogram frequently. We only alert you if the heart rate data is at most 3 hours old. However, we only receive heart rate data from Fitbit and Garmin if your wearable syncs with the Fitbit or Garmin apps. So if you don’t sync your Fitbit or Garmin wearable for over 3 hours, then alerts won’t be sent for any heart rate data that is older than 3 hours.

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