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What do I do if I do not see WearOS data?

If you’re not seeing WearOS data in Cardiogram:

  • Open the WearOS app and verify that it is reading heartbeats properly. If not, please restart your watch. Heart rate samples are sampled directly by our WearOS app and sent to our servers every 15 minutes (even when measurement frequency is changed) or when the phone app is opened.

If you use an iPhone:

  • Ensure that your watch has a connection to the Internet.
  • (Re)Login to the correct account on the watch app.

Please note: For iPhone users, steps do not sync from WearOS or GoogleFit. You will not see step information in Cardiogram unless you carry your phone with you while walking. 

  • If you use an Android phone:
    • Check that your data is being synced to the account logged in to your paired phone’s app, not the account logged in on the watch app.
    • Check that you’re using the same Google account to log into both Google Fit and Cardiogram.
    • Check that Cardiogram is listed as a connected app in Google Fit. To check this, open the Google Fit app and go to Profile >> Settings (gear icon in the top left corner) >> Manage connected apps. Cardiogram should be listed there.
    • Check that you have physical activity permissions enabled for Cardiogram (we need these permissions to display your daily steps). To check this, open the Settings app on your phone and go to Apps & notifications >> See all apps >> Cardiogram. Under permissions, it should say ‘Physical activity.’
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