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Where do my condition risk scores come from?

Our AI algorithm uses different variables to determine your risk score and learns from users who have self-reported a diagnosis. Your risk score can be interpreted as an indication of how similar your data patterns are to the data patterns of users who have self-reported a diagnosis. 

Our algorithm is trained on a large amount of data about Cardiogram users’ heart rate statistics, demographic info, and diagnoses. It uses this data to extract correlations between different factors that influence your health. For example, it might determine that, among the users it analyzed, users diagnosed with hypertension tend to exhibit a few particular patterns in age, sex, height, weight, resting heart rate, steps, and heart rate during exercise.

This is only a statistical correlation, meaning that people with these patterns might be more likely to have hypertension, but having similar patterns does not guarantee that you will have hypertension. The results of our algorithm can provide an additional data point as you seek to improve your health; however, it should never be considered a diagnosis or clinical decision.

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