Cardiogram 1.0: understand your heart rate on Apple Watch

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Apple Watch will record more than 2 trillion heart rate measurements this year [1]. What does all that data mean? Can your watch tell when you’re stressed? Sad? Excited? Can we figure out what types of exercise actually make you healthier? Could it one day detect abnormal heart rhythms?

We built Cardiogram for Apple Watch to help people answer those questions. We’re 0.01% of the way there, but today we’re launching a major product revision, Cardiogram 1.0, to help you understand your heart rate.

Heart Rate Complication and Apple Watch App


Complications show you information directly on your watch face. By default, the Cardiogram complication shows you your most recent heart rate; if you twist the digital crown, you can “time travel” to see how it’s varied throughout the day.

If you tap on the red heart rate icon, it will open the Cardiogram native Apple Watch app, which shows you a graph of your heart rate throughout the day so far.

Heart Rate Chart with Pinch-to-Zoom

Pinch-to-zoom is by far our most-requested feature. Now, when you pinch on the graph with two fingers, you can zoom in to see the details of your heart rate minute-to-minute.


In addition, you can tag your peaks using 3D touch. For example, I put my watch in workout mode while watching Game of Thrones and see my heart rate spike whenever the white walkers come on screen. Those guys are scary!

If you don’t have 3D touch, just use the “Add Tag” button below each Cardiogram to add a new tag.

Likewise, you can share a particularly exciting memory with the “share” button, favorite it with the heart, or search for it later with the new “Search Cardiograms” box at the top.

What’s your ♡ telling you?