Nuts and Chocolate (in Moderation) Are Good for Your Heart

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The likelihood that a brownie with nuts would be good for your heart might seem slim, at best. After all, brownies are an indulgence notoriously high in both sugar and fat. However, evidence suggests that both cocoa and tree nuts can actually help to prevent coronary heart disease (CHD), which remains the leading cause of death in the United States.

New Cardiogram Feature: Discover Your Daily Risk of Migraines and Headaches

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Cardiogram has just released a new feature within the Migraine IQ module that provides a daily Risk Index forecast with your likelihood of developing a migraine each day.When it comes to alleviating migraine symptoms, it’s important to be able to predict when a migraine is likely to occur. Having this information gives those who suffer from migraines a window of …

Clock laying on pile of fall leaves

How the Fall Time Change Impacts Heart Health (And 5 Ways to Combat the Effects)

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It’s been debated whether or not bi-annual time changes impact our health. And now, multiple studies have shown that losing one hour when “springing forward” increases risk of mental and cardiovascular complications1 including depression, heart attacks, and stroke. But is “falling back” just as harmful? Your Body Relies on Routine There isn’t significant evidence that the autumn time change is as detrimental for …

The Sunshine Vitamin: How Vitamin D Benefits Your Heart

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Vitamin D has long been known for its bone strengthening abilities. However, it’s also been studied for its contribution to cardiovascular wellness, improved mental well-being and in its ability to speed recovery rates in those who are ill. On the flip side, lacking adequate amounts of vitamin D can be detrimental to your health. Here, we explore all of this …

Six Foods to Prioritize for Heart Health: A Global Perspective

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A groundbreaking 2023 study1 has made waves in the nutrition and health sector, drawing attention to six specific food groups that are connected to a reduced risk of heart disease and cardiovascular events. The findings come as a significant stride forward in understanding dietary patterns that might help combat the rise of heart-related health concerns on a global scale. Here’s …

Stress & Your Heart: 8 Stress-Reducing Techniques for Improved Heart Health

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Stress on the HeartBy now, it’s widely known that stress negatively impacts almost every area of our lives. So it’s of no surprise that it’s effects on our hearts are equally far reaching.1 While stress plays an important role of heightening our senses to escape from immediate threat and danger, in our modern world, it’s most often displaced. If you find …

Laughter: Medicine for Your Heart?

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Laughter doesn’t just feel good. It is good. Science has shown that laughter is good for your cardiovascular health and overall well-being.1 Benefits can range from lowering your risk of heart attack and disease to reducing blood pressure. Let’s explore why that is and the other ways it supports your heart health. Why is Laughing Good for the Heart? When we laugh, …