Cardiogram 1.2 for Apple Watch — WatchOS 3 Instant Launch, Dock, and Heart Rate Complications Updates

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We’re excited to announce the release of Cardiogram 1.2 today. It is our debut version on WatchOS 3, which is also launching today to all Apple Watch users worldwide and is packed with lots of cool new features. Here is what’s new.
Instant Launch and Favorites Dock

New performance updates in WatchOS 3 now allow the Cardiogram Watch app to load instantly, showing the most recent reading of your heartbeat measurement as soon as the app opens with minimal delay.

Furthermore, the new Dock allows you to quickly preview Cardiogram showing your current heart rate and the trend over the past few hours, simply by pressing the side button on any screen.

Complications Gallery

Adding complications to your watch face is now easier than ever. You can now add complications using the Watch app on your iPhone: simply open the Watch app and tap on the Face Gallery tab. You’ll see Cardiogram in the Featured Complications section — from there, you can customize your Cardiogram complication to match your watch face however you like!

Extra Large Complications

WatchOS 3 comes with a new X-Large watch face, which lets you configure an Extra Large complication. Many users who use Cardiogram to monitor their heart health may find this new complication simple, beautiful, and helpful.

Complications now refresh more frequently

Many of you have asked why our Complication didn’t show the most recent heart beat measurement and it was due to the subtle limitations of WatchOS 2.

With WatchOS 3, this problem is no more! Apple finally improved Complications to support background HealthKit lookups and more frequent refreshes. We can now refresh the Complication 4 times every hour, so your Complication will always be fresh within 15 minutes.

What’s your ♡ telling you?

We built Cardiogram to help you understand yourself and what your heart tells you about your health, and we launched our first clinical study mRhythmStudy earlier this year in partnership with UCSF to detect atrial fibrillation and prevent strokes using deep learning. We hope the Cardiogram 1.2 release will get us one step closer towards our mission of preventing the preventable and empowering our users to better manage their own health. Try the new Cardiogram 1.2 for Apple Watch in the app store today and tell us what you think at [email protected]!