How to continuously record heart rate on your Apple Watch.

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By default, Apple Watch turns the heart rate sensor on every five minutes. But sometimes you want a higher-resolution glimpse into what your heart is telling you—for example, during a workout or a stressful meeting:

To complete these steps, first install Cardiogram for Apple Watch from the App Store:

How to start recording your heart rate continuously on Apple Watch

    1. From the “honeycomb” grid of apps on your Apple Watch, tap on Cardiogram to launch it. Click here if you have trouble finding Cardiogram.
    2. Swipe left when you see the heart rate chart.
    3. Tap the “Start” button to turn on the watch’s heart rate sensor (the green light on the back).

Get a graph of your heart rate

Now, open Cardiogram on your phone. You’ll see a chart of your continuous heart rate, similar to this one. Each vertical bar represents your average heart rate over 5 seconds: