We’re Changing Our Subscription Model

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For Cardiogram Members who joined before November 30, 2022

Cardiogram will soon be changing our subscription model. Let us explain...

On average, we capture about 525,600 pieces of heart rate data every year for every single Cardiogram family member. And that doesn’t include tags and journal entries!   

For the last six years, Cardiogram has offered free heart rate monitoring. We’re now up to over 8 million downloads, for which we’re beyond grateful! Unfortunately, this comes with costs – the data centers to store all that data, engineering staff to build new functions, and an expanded customer support team to answer questions. 

We’ve deeply enjoyed offering a free membership option because your heart health is important to you AND to us! And we certainly wish we could continue offering this for free, but because of these added costs, we simply cannot. 

Here’s What You Need to Know
As of December 2022, we stopped offering Cardiogram for free, beyond a 30-day trial to new members. And now, over the next few months, we'll phase out the free version of the app for members who joined before that date. This change will impact different members at different times, starting later this week and ending over the summer. 
What Will Happen

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll get a message in your app letting you know that your free membership will end in 7 days. If you generously participated in our project(s), we want to return the favor. You will be the last group to be impacted (sometime over the summer), so your free membership will continue for several more months.

BUT… Because you joined the Cardiogram Fam before this new model was established, we will be thanking you with an exclusive offer that's not available to anyone else.  

Not only that, but you’ll also get to enjoy these added features: 

  • Share with Your Doctor
  • Diabetes Risk Level
  • Sleep Apnea Risk Level
  • Advanced SmartMetrics

We hope you stay with the Cardiogram Fam! And if so, we look forward to providing you with our current and ever-expanding features and services. 

We appreciate your understanding and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and for being a part of our community. 

We’re always cheering you on from behind the screens, 

-The Cardiogram Crew