What We're Working On

The future is bright and we want to share it with you! See what we've got planned, below.
New Onboarding
We're working on changing how you start Cardiogram as a new user. As part of this process, we want to make sure you know *why* we're asking for permissions to access data in your phone. And this is a good time to remind you that we take your privacy very seriously. We use healthcare grade encryption and we don't sell your data.
In-App Mailbox
This nifty feature will allow you to access notifications that Cardiogram sent you in one easy location.
App UX Redesign
This one's going to take a while, but we're re-envisioning the user interface for Cardiogram.
Migraine Detection
Can your heart rate help identify the early onset of a migraine? We think it can! Our machine learning team and engineers are hard at work to roll out the product features that we need for the Migraine Project.  In this project, we're enlisting you, our faithful Cardiogram fam, to let us know when you *think* a migraine is coming on, and then also when it actually happens. This data will be used internally only (we never share!) to help us develop a new algorithm to let you know that a migraine is coming on so you can take your meds even earlier.
DNA testing is all the rage, but we couldn't find a DNA test that would check for heart disease risk without also finding a new long-lost cousin. So we worked with a lab to design a new DNA test that is not available anywhere except through Cardiogram. We call it CardioDNA. We'll be testing for four DNA SNPs that can identify risk of scary cardiac conditions. And it includes a really in-depth nutrigenomics analysis that tells you how your DNA works with foods.