New Cardiogram Feature: Discover Your Daily Risk of Migraines and Headaches

cardiogram Migraines

Cardiogram has just released a new feature within the Migraine IQ module that provides a daily Risk Index forecast with your likelihood of developing a migraine each day.

When it comes to alleviating migraine symptoms,
it’s important to be able to predict when a migraine is likely to occur. Having this information gives those who suffer from migraines a window of time where they can be proactive in symptom prevention, be that taking medication, resting, or drinking more water.


What does Migraine IQ’s Risk Index do?

Migraine IQ’s new Risk Index feature improves your quality of life by allowing you to manage your headaches through our advanced predictive intelligence technology.

The Risk Index is a quantitative measure of how each Migraine IQ members’ reported data, logging, behaviors and triggers might contribute to the onset of a headache.

Using this combined data, Migraine IQ provides a forecasted risk report on a daily basis. Each day, your risk of developing a migraine will be shown on a scale from 0 to 10 and with a risk level of either Low, Medium, High, or VerHigh.

Based on your daily reports, you can then take appropriate action for migraine symptom prevention and go about your day as you see fit, allowing you to take back control of your life.

Where do I find Migraine IQ’s Risk Index?

Your daily risk index can be found at the top of the Home section within your Migraine IQ module in your Cardiogram app.

About Migraine IQ

Developed based on the data gathered from our Migraine Project, Migraine IQ—available in the Cardiogram app—allows members to better understand their migraines and any possible migraine triggers.

By keeping track of things like stress levels, sleep duration and quality, missed meals, food triggers, and headache medication usage, you can gain a better sense of your own body’s patterns.


What are Migraine IQ's features?

With Migraine IQ, you gain access to multiple features that give you important knowledge regarding your migraines, placing the power back in your hands.

These features include:

  • Daily Logging logging possible triggers and for improved understanding of the cause of your migraines for deeper comprehension.
  • Record a Headache - record important details of your headaches including pain location, intensity, and time frames to help improve quality of life.
  • Risk Index Receive a daily forecast for your likelihood of developing a migraine each day, allowing for timely interventions and symptom prevention.
  • Smart Metrics & Reportingincluding resting bpm, steps, sleep duration, and average sleep bpm, as well as a summary of all tracked migraines and your daily log info.
  • Share-with-Doctor a clinician designed Share-with-Doctor report so your doctor can review all of your migraine data and provide the most effective treatment plan.

What are the benefits of using Migraine IQ?

The more you use your Daily Log and Record a Headache features, the better Migraine IQ gets to know you and your headaches, allowing for more accurate predictions.

With regular use, Migraine IQ benefits include:

The ability to track and manage your headaches.
Risk Index forecast for daily migraine prediction.
Understanding the effects of your habits on your headaches.
Helping you to take timely, positive action to avoid episodes.
Improved quality of life!

If you or a loved one suffer from migraines and headaches, regain control with Migraine IQ and our new Risk Index feature. Start by trying our FREE 30-Day Migraine IQ Trial now!


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