The Heart Truth About Sleep Apnea

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Our hearts are incredible. They literally keep us alive. They send blood around our body, they provide us with the oxygen and the nutrients we need to stay alive, and they carry away waste in the process. We know this. But, most of us don’t realize just how easy it is to damage this special organ, and why we need …

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Revolutionizing Sleep Health: Cardiogram’s Role in the Early Detection of Sleep Apnea

cardiogram Heart Health, sleep apnea

In today’s world, digital innovation and healthcare are becoming inseparable. Not only that, the two make for a truly dynamic duo. A great example of this is in the way Cardiogram uses heart rate data from a standard smartwatch to pre-diagnose certain heart conditions, like sleep apnea. With our clinically-validated algorithms, we’re able to advance preventative medicine, making the world …