Types of Arrhythmias

What Are the Different Types of Arrhythmias?

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A cardiac arrhythmia affects the heart’s physiological rhythm. This is basically a disease that alters the electricity of your heart.  As a result, your heart can beat too fast, too slow, or too early. In some cases, it contracts erratically, which is referred to as fibrillation. According to research, up to 5% of the population may have some type of …

Arrhythmias: An Overview

cardiogram Arrhythmia, Heart Health

Let’s have a heart-to-heart about arrhythmias. Simply put, arrhythmias are irregular heart rate patterns. They can occur when the heart rate is too fast, too slow, or simply abnormal. And they tend to be caused by an electrical issue.Types of ArrhythmiasThere are two main types of arrhythmias. They’re grouped based on the speed of the heart rate (HR): Tachycardia: A …