What is Myocarditis?

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Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle. It can be caused by a viral infection, but it can also have other causes, such as autoimmune disease, exposure to certain toxins, or a reaction to a medication.Symptoms of MyocarditisMyocarditis can be mild, with few or no symptoms, or it can be severe, resulting in chest pain, arrhythmias, or even heart …

What is Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)?

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Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) is a condition that predominantly affects young women. It is estimated that POTS affects up to 1 million people in the United States. The hallmark symptoms of POTS include an increase in heart rate of more than 30 beats per minute within 10 minutes of standing, lightheadedness, and overall feelings of weakness and fatigue. There …

Does Hydration Impact Heart Health?

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While most of us are aware that maintaining proper hydration is key to good health and wellness, it’s less obvious that hydration is also directly related to heart health.Hydration and Heart HealthIt’s been proven that staying hydrated can support heart health.1 In fact, the National Institutes of Health conducted a study which demonstrated that consistently maintaining proper hydration can slow …

POTS: An Overview

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Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) is a chronic disorder in which the heart rate rapidly increases when a person stands up.

What is Hypertension?

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Hypertension (or high blood pressure) is increasingly common in our world. For instance, in the U.S. alone, nearly one in every three adults has it. That’s a pretty startling number. And of all hypertension cases, about 30% may be attributed to obesity. Thankfully, it is manageable. And some simple lifestyle changes can help immensely. Whether you’re looking to manage existing …

What’s Your Type 2 Diabetes Risk Level? Cardiogram Will Tell You

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Among adults with Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM), cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death.1 In fact, over 75% of adults with diabetes die from heart disease, compared to 33% in the general population. While these are alarming statistics, we’re here to share the good news: T2DM is treatable, and complications can be avoided! The key is catching it …

Is Vitamin D Connected to Heart Health?

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While vitamin D has long been known for its bone strengthening abilities, it’s also been studied for its contribution to cardiovascular wellness. However, there are opposing views when it comes to the role vitamin D plays in heart health. While it has been found to be beneficial for certain conditions, such as heart failure, it may not be as effective …

How Sleep Affects Your Heart Health

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For something we’ve done since the day we were born, sleep sure can be complicated. While some do enjoy regular nights of deliciously deep sleep, many of us find ourselves struggling with it at some point in our lives.  In fact, in Philips’ 2020 Global Sleep Study, it was found that 51% of adults worldwide are unsatisfied with their sleep. …

What Types of Movement Improve Cardiovascular Fitness?

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With physical movement being one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular fitness, the question of “Which type of workout routine is best?” often comes up. Especially during the heart health journey. The answer to which is simple, and hopefully exciting: All forms of physical activity are equally beneficial for your heart, so long as you get your heart pumping hard …

Is Stress Stressing Your Heart?

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Stress on the HeartBy now, it’s widely known that stress negatively impacts almost every area of our lives. So it’s of no surprise that it’s effects on our hearts are equally far reaching.1 While stress plays an important role of heightening our senses to escape from immediate threat and danger, in our modern world, it’s most often displaced. If you find …